208.00 Din.

208.00 Din.

Disinfectant for surfaces, walls and floors with a strong bactericidal and fungicidal activity.

Packaging: 1L


100g solution contains: 1.00 g benzalkonium chloride

The aseptic BC 1 was made on the basis of the cationic disinfectant benzalkonium chloride.

The solution is a clear liquid, colorless and has a very pleasant odor. The solution is prepared for use, and can be diluted if necessary (hand disinfection).

The product is intended for disinfection of floors, walls and surfaces in the field of healthcare, dentistry, veterinary medicine, hotel management, hospitality, as well as in preschool and school institutions.

The product is applied as a finished product; by spraying, dipping, washing, and wiping. After the treatment, the surface should not be rinsed with water, as a protective film is formed, due to the residual effect. Only food preparation areas should be additionally rinsed with water. For hands, a 10% solution should be made from this working solution (100 ml of Aseptic BC 1% should be diluted to

1 liter with water) and used exclusively as such after washing hands with a classic soap.

Težina 1 kg
Dimenzije 8 × 8 × 25 cm